Happy New Year!

Although I know the hard times are not yet behind us, I begin this new year with a sense of hope and purpose. I firmly believe in the power of dance, theater and all of the arts to connect communities, to give people of all ages a healthy outlet to work through emotions, and to lift us out of our daily troubles and concerns and see beyond ourselves.

A year ago, I opened Belmont Center for Performing Arts confident that we would have classes full of happy students eager to learn about dance and performance. Then the world shifted, and I watched in frustration as everything I hoped to build was put on hold. I completely understood why parents weren’t willing to enroll their kids in a new activity in the middle of a pandemic. Had my children still been little, I might have felt the same. That is why I have adopted a COVID strategy that eases my own fears and hopefully the fears of other dancers and parents as well.

We implemented social distancing standards and cleaning protocols to keep the studio safe for staff, students, and their families. Everyone stays in their square and wears their mask and washes their hands. And it’s weird and uncomfortable and annoying. But it’s working, and we’re making the best of it. Even though we won’t be having an in-person performance this season, we will be doing a virtual performance. We will do everything we can to make it a fun and entertaining experience for our performers and their audience.

Our new schedule is set and classes are now open for enrollment! Class sizes will remain limited to 8 (studio 1) or 5 (studio 2) for the entire semester. As we approach our show date, if COVID allows, we will combine classes for rehearsals and show prep. If you have any questions about classes or levelling, please contact me to discuss.

For now, our levels are Foundations (3-5 yrs.), Intro (5-7 yrs.), Level A (7-13 yrs.), 13+ (13 yrs. & up), and Adult (17 yrs. & up). As enrollment grows, classes and levels will be added. Look for Acro and Group Voice Class once we can all breathe together again. And consider planning your birthday party with us too!

Wishing you all a Healthy and Joyful New Year!!

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